2006, 2017

Changes in CEO position and ownership in Jet-Steel Oy

Owner and CEO of Jet-Steel Oy will change due to acquisition on 31st of May 2017. Asko Rouhiainen, long-term owner-managing director, will proceed with same position until the end of September. The company will continue its operations normally. New CEO, Sami Korhonen, will start on 2nd of October. He has worked at Jet-Steel Oy as a production manager for four years and before that as a foreman and as a welder/fitter.

Additional information:

Sami Korhonen

+358 50 573 9415


2001, 2016

Jet-Steel Oy delivers high temperature air ducts

Jet-Steel Oy delivers industrial-scale high temperature air ducts. Ducts will be manufactured of ferritic grade 1.4003 and sheet thickness will be mainly 2,5mm. Manufacturing of these parts has already started and the quality seems to be excellent – as usual!

2005, 2015

Excellent workload

The book of orders has been great this year in Jet-Steel Oy. Quite great amount of orders from different branches of industry, even from abroad, have been placed to us lately. Most of these are related to energy efficiency of different kinds of factories, but also new types of products are amongst orders.
The greatest part of investments in equipment are almost ready, but we still have to give our emplyees decent training and do some small-scale tuning. We can already notice improvements in quality and also in everyday performance. In addition new equipment enables countless number of new possibilities in work planning and also in manufacturing. The future sure looks great!

1302, 2015

Jet-Steel Oy caught orders, again

Jet-Steel Oy caught quite big order, which concers large ducts for heat recovery system. Order includes also pulper exhaust, steam box exhaust and couple large silencers. The overall amount of material is about 23 000kg stainless steel in grades 1.4301 and 1.4404. Sheet thicknesses varies from 1 to 15mm. Products include also large amount of different flat and angle profiles. Also multiple smaller orders fill the book of order up and mood is improved by several offer requests and ongoing negotiations.


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