2201, 2015

Order book looking good

Jet-Steel Oy got nice amount of orders in the end of last year. Orders were related to machine hall exhausts, process ventilation and dust removal systems. It is hard to remember when was the last time that we started our year with so much work in hands. The overall outlook of this year is also looking good for us! Latest orders include mainly basic products for us; ducts and some special parts made of grades 1.4307 and 1.4404. Sheet thicknesses are mainly 1,5…2,0mm.

Happy this year!

1509, 2014

Jet-Steel Oy delivers acoustic cleaners

Jet-Steel Oy has received an order about acoustic cleaners. A while ago we manufactured a set of these cleaners for a test use and they have been working great over half a year without problems. According to client, manufactured units from previous supplier teared or ruptured shortly after initialization because of welding defects. Products are manufactured of acid-proof stainless steel grade 1.4404. sheet thicknesses are mainly 4mm and 10mm.

1908, 2014

Jet-Steel Oy delivers two paper machine press section hoods

Jet-Steel Oy delivers two paper machine press section hoods. The hoods will be made completely of acid-proof stainless steel grade 1.4404. Laser tube and laser cutting is used to make manufacturing and assembly much easier. One company, located nearby and specialized in glazing, is used to supply and assembly the thick laminated safety glasses in hood doors.

1008, 2014

Remarkable order for Jet-Steel Oy from branch of air-laid paper machines

Jet-Steel Oy was the chosen one to deliver a remarkable part for modernization of one air-laid paper machine. The project includes tens of thousands of stainless steel in grade 1.4301/1.4307. Products include lots of ideas from Jet-Steel Oy in the “design for manufacturing”-point of view, especially know-how about stainless steel was an advantage (old components were painted structural steel. Sheet thicknesses are mainly 3mm and 4mm, but products include also lots of thicknesses 2mm and 2.5mm.

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