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Manufacturing of industrial ventilation solutions for over 20 years

We have been manufacturing products mainly for the purpose of moving masses of air for over 20 years. Products are always manufactured according to our customers specifications and requirements. We also have often offered valuable insight on manufacturing standpoint of things, which might have a substantial impact on the cost-efficiency of the  products. Majority of our products are made of 1-4mm stainless steel. Products often include also subparts made of pipes, bars, thicker metal sheets or other parts.

Jet-Steel Oy is employing workforce of over 20 people, and the capacity of the factory is 200-300 metric tons per year. We have been successfully in collaboration with

  • paper industry
  • food industry
  • construction industry
  • chemical industry
  • governmental institutes
  • municipalities.

Are your products related to moving large amounts of air?

Does your process have anything to do with removing water, cooling or warming air, or recovery of heat?

Does the medium or the environment cause a risk of corrosion to the product?

If you answered yes, give us a call!

Invoicing information

Jet-Steel Oy
PL 51961


Service provider:
OpusCapita Group Oy


Welding, Quality & Environment

Our standars quarantee our quality. Standards we follow:
ISO 3834
ISO 9001
ISO 14001